BOGO Bowl Pet Food, From Pet Pantry to Pet Industry

BOGO Bowl pet food is a newer pet food on the market. Sara Henderson, CEO, and I talkedBOGO Bowl pet food

the other day about her “Buy One Give One” ethos — and I discovered that she had gone from running a pet pantry to getting into the pet industry.

Sara was part of a team who started The Pet Project Midwest, designed to help keep pets in their homes, and one of the programs was a pet food pantry. She found out how very difficult is it to keep a steady stream of food on the pantry shelves. All organizations are not eligible for pet food programs available. Shelters and rescues know how the cost of food often causes pet give-ups and this gap needs to be addressed to keep pets in their homes. Sara’s company was born out of that struggle.

Don’t look for them at retail stores – the added costs of selling that way would limit the amount of food they could give away. BOGO Bowl sells direct from their website and that’s why they can give away a whole bag when you buy one. Right now, along with many others she reminded, BOGO Bowl is pitching in to help Sandy victims on the East Coast.

BOGO Bowl has been reviewed by Dog Food Advisor. Sara discusses her ratings, and talks about each of the seven formulas:

  1. Puppy
  2. Maintenance
  3. Healthy Weight
  4. Chicken
  5. Lamb
  6. Salmon
  7. Grain Free

While pet food is a very serious business, it can be useful to get to know a company and their organizational structure. I looked into that and found it hilarious that Sara is known as the Chief Foodie, that they have a Food Fairy, Consumer Barchitect, Pawsitive Reinforcer, and a Warehouse Goddess. Must be a fun place to work! Take a look at their About page =)

Enjoy the podcast:


What a great idea!  Love buying a product and knowing that I'm also helping a wonderful cause! 


Just like human beings our pets also require healthy food for the overall well being of these animals.


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