BlogPaws – Pet Blogger Conference


Animal Café spoke with the founding team (well, most of the team) that created BlogPaws, the website and the pet blogger conference, to help bloggers, pets, vets, businesses, “wanna be” social media hounds and pet lovers help animals and get where they want to go with whatever project they are working on.

Caroline Golan, Yvonne DiVita and her husband recovering lawyer Tom Collins met for the first time at a BlogHer conference.  They were all impressed with the way that conference worked to help bloggers be better bloggers and the opportunities presented for businesses and bloggers to get together.  Caroline, with her background in fundraising for shelters at her blog Romeo The Cat, approached Yvonne, who she knew through her Lipsticking blog on marketing to women online and women’s issues, and asked why was there was nothing like this for pet bloggers?  Yvonne and Tom agreed this was a great idea, and so Blogpaws was born and the first pet blogger conference was off to the races.

This is one of the great reasons to go to conferences – things happen when you meet the people behind the blog!

BlogPaws Conference – What’s It About?


BlogPaws has a full two-day schedule, but there’s something extra this year.  A rescue workshop is being held on Thursday before the conference officially begins that evening with a networking event.  Mike Arms, president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, will conduct the Animal Center Education Workshop (ACES) that rescues and shelters worldwide take advantage of at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California.  This is for shelter/rescue workers and volunteers and focuses on the business end of saving  lives.  (There is limited seating, and you’ll need to reserve space in advance by emailing Caroline at blogpaws dot com.)

Listen to the podcast, and here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

  • who are the conference speakers, one of which is a social media savant
  • how the fundraising part of BlogPaws has grown
  • the recently unveiled online BlogPaws Community and the purpose it serves
  • a new “Bring Your Vet to BlogPaws” promotion – if you get your Vet to the conference, you get a free ride to BlogPaws!

Oh, and if you have a business and you’d like to get involved as a sponsor, there are many levels and packages available.  (Email Caroline at for details.) There’s a lot more, so tune in!

BlogPaws offers the pet-loving community many opportunities to learn, network, and grow.  Once you check out the agenda and  listen to the podcast, you may just decide the pet blogger conference is for you and join us!