Pet Recovery Collars Replace “Cone of Shame” – Dogs Rejoice!

Tweet Pet recovery collars by BooBooLoon are a new inflatable collar that replaces the old lampshade design that had dogs looking as if they must have done something wrong. In truth, it must have felt that way given the lack of peripheral vision and the blows absorbed from bumping into furniture and walls… not to […]

Dogs Going Nowhere Fast – Keeping Pace On A Dog Treadmill!

Tweet What’s a dog to do? Much like their human counterparts, more dogs are gaining more weight. Now that winter’s here, less and shorter walks are often the human response to bad weather, and dog weight gain is inevitable. No moaning, grumping or dog whines will get humans to change their minds. Even dropping the […]

Pet JetSetter Travels with Dogs

Tweet If you’re dashing around town with your dog, off to the airport, visiting grandma’s house, or on your way to a doggy play date you know how handy it is to have nice roomy, easy to clean bag for all your best friend’s needs. The Pet JetSetter bag can handle water, portable dog bowls, […]

Hoodies for Dogs! What’s Your Dog’s Winter-Wear?

Tweet Hoodies for dogs are a pupular option (yes, I said that), because they are easy to use and convenient in early Spring, Fall and even in Winter depending on your dog and where you live. Carol Bryant stopped by to talk about Pooch Park Wear and their budget-wise but quality hoodies, and dog t-shirts. […]