Heisei Garden
Edogawa-ku: Park/garden
Heisei Garden: Edogawa-ku
Edogawa-ku / Park/garden
Open 7am-7pm (Oct-Mar: 8am-6pm) daily.
Free admission
Average visit time: 20-60 minutes

Filled with lush greenery, this traditional Japanese garden is known for its seasonal flower displays. According to their garden calendar, over the course of the year you can look forward to seeing cherry blossoms (March-April), azaleas (April-June), irises (May to late June), water lilies (May to mid-July) and maple leaves (November-December).

At the center of the garden is a large pond with a shallow waterfall area. The pond is stocked with carp and it attracts numerous birds, both local and migratory. Meandering stone paths lead through the garden's lightly wooded areas, and there's a Zen rock garden off in one corner. Overlooking the pond is a pretty teahouse called Genshin-an, which can be rented for events (9am-9pm daily, by reservation).

The garden opened to the public in 1989, the first year of the Heisei Era, and it's around one hectare in size. While you're here you can check out the rest of Gyosen Park, which includes a fishing pond, a giant fountain area you can walk through, a playground and Edogawa Natural Zoo, a small zoo and petting zoo with free admission.

Edogawa-ku, Kita-Kasai 3-2.
15 minutes from Nishi-Kasai Station (Tozai line); 20 minutes from Funabori Station (Toei Shinjuku line); buses are available from the stations.
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