Kaiserslautern Square
Myogadani: Attraction
Kaiserslautern Square: Myogadani
Myogadani / Attraction
Open 24 hours a day.
Average visit time: 2-5 minutes

A large sculpture of a fish with a human face and a bust of Frederick I on its back is a startling sight to run across when you're out for a walk. It's just one of several unusual artworks on display in the tiny park in front of the Tokyo campus of Tsukuba University, near Myogadani Station. You'll also find a whimsical unicorn, a couple of snails and a giant ammonite equipped with a mysterious set of gears.

This unexpected trove of surrealistic art is the work of German artists Gernot and Barbara Rumpf, and the outdoor setting is a mini-park called Kaiserslautern Square, named after Bunkyo-ku's sister city in Germany. As far as Tokyo public artwork goes this is a unique find, and worth a look if you're in the neighborhood.

Bunkyo-ku, Otsuka 3-1-11.
2 minutes from Myogadani Station (Marunouchi line)
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