PAW (Pet Animal World)
Nagasaki-ken: Animal cafe
PAW (Pet Animal World): Nagasaki-ken
Nagasaki-ken / Animal cafe
Open 10am-5pm (enter by 4pm) daily.
There are combination tickets for one hour at PAW plus admission to Nagasaki Bio Park. Additional time is Y500 per hour.
Average visit time: 1-2 hours

Located at the entrance to Nagasaki Bio Park, this multi-species animal cafe makes a nice final stop after spending a few hours in the main park. The facility consists of a dog playroom with an outdoor run, a cat playroom, and a front room housing birds, reptiles and small mammals. There are more than two dozen species represented here, including parrots, rabbits, hedgehogs, degus, ferrets, chinchillas, mice, iguanas, tortoises, geckos and snakes.

The cat playroom is furnished with climbing courses and plenty of niches and perching spots, with comfortable chairs and sofas for visitors. Picnic-table seating is provided in the outdoor dog run. There's quite a bit of enrichment activity for the dogs in particular, with staff on hand to play with them throughout the day.

A fairly constant stream of visitors arrive from the park, but the dogs and cats get frequent rest breaks. Usually either the dog room or the cat room is closed for a thirty-minute break at any given time, and the dogs are rotated in and out so they're not on duty all the time.

If you're here at 4:30pm it's evening rush hour for the resident guinea pigs, who walk sngle file over a narrow bridge from their daytime enclosures to be packed off to wherever it is they go at night. Admission to PAW is by the hour, and there are combination ticket packages that include an hour of PAW plus admission to Nagasaki Bio Park. There are no beverages served here, but you can get coffee at the entrance to the main park.

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Saikai-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Seihicho Nakayamago 2291-1.
45 minutes by free shuttle bus from Huis Ten Bosch station. There are three shuttle buses a day in each direction, and online advance reservations are required.
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