Temari no Oshiro
Kichijoji: Cat cafe
Temari no Oshiro: Kichijoji
Kichijoji / Cat cafe
Open 10am-9pm daily.
Admission Y1200 weekdays, Y1600 weekends, Y700 evenings after 7pm.
Average visit time: 30-90 minutes

A sister shop of the popular Temari no Ouchi cat cafe (located just around the corner), this second branch sports a similarly fanciful Ghibli-esque decor, and is a relaxing spot to spend some time with cats. Unlike most cat cafes there's no time limit, so you don't have to keep checking your watch, and there's a full menu of food as well as coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages if you want to extend your stay.

The two-story cafe houses twenty resident cats, although during a recent visit we didn't see quite that many - presumably the others were either on a break or napping in some of the cafe's many cubbyholes. Residents include Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coon Cats, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, a Bengal and other photogenic breeds.

In addition to the main playrooms there are a lot of small, oddly shaped rooms where you can sit and drink tea. One unusual architectural feature is a climbing tree that extends through the ceiling of the first floor, so cats can move between levels without using the stairs. Although the cats are mostly left to their own devices, there are some enrichment activities - we were there during a mid-afternoon snack time when the cats were fed treats from a maze-like dispenser.

Unlike many other cafes, children are allowed, from the age of ten. The cafe is part of the aggressively whimsical Petit Mura complex, which also features a teahouse, a crepe shop, a cat goods shop, a jewelry store and an art gallery.

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Musashino-shi, Kichijoji Honcho 2-33-2.
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