Yokohama Sta.: Cat cafe
Omusubi: Yokohama Sta.
Yokohama Sta. / Cat cafe
Open 1-8pm. Closed some Thursdays.
Entry fee is Y1500, with no time limit. Drinks and snacks are charged separately, and are optional.
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes

This rescue-cat cafe had around ten cats in residence when we visited, although the number may vary depending on new arrivals and adoptions. Some of these former stray cats are still shy around people, and one of the goals of the cafe is to acclimate them to human contact.

We were given lengthy instructions on which cats we shouldn't touch, although we could still play with them using fishing-pole toys. These were very popular, and several of the cats were quite eager to show off their athletic prowess. There are various types of brushes if you prefer the more sedate activity of gently brushing the cats, although you might want to ask for advice on which ones to approach.

The atmosphere here is very relaxed, and after you've paid your basic entry fee there's no time limit, so you don't have to watch the clock. The playroom is quite spacious, with mostly floor seating plus a few ordinary chairs and a swing. The cafe's manga collection is larger than average. If you're hungry there's a small menu of desserts and snacks in addition to the usual coffee and tea, all of which are served in a separate dining area looking onto the playroom.

The entrance to the cafe may be hard to find. There'a an Italian restaurant on the ground floor of the building, but the entrance to the elevator and rest of the building is located around the corner on the side street.

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Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kita-Saiwai 2-13-1, Kitahara Fudosan Bldg 6F.
11 minutes from Yokohama Station
lskK2-13-1 ksYr6F
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