Nakano-ku: Cat cafe
Miagolare: Nakano-ku
Nakano-ku / Cat cafe
Open 11:30am-9:30pm (last entry 9pm). Closed Thursdays.
Y1100 for the first hour; Y500 for each additional 30 minutes
Average visit time: 60 minutes

Neighborhood cat cafes like this one have a different feel from establishments in bustling shopping zones like Ikebukuro or Harajuku. The cats here seem friendlier and less jaded, and visitors include more regular customers who have gotten to know the residents. Cats might jump in your lap even if you don't have cat treats to offer, and they're more interested in playing with their toys.

One nice feature here is the availability of brushes. Many of the dozen or so cats here enjoy a gentle brushing session, and it's a relaxing alternative to constantly playing with "fishing-pole" toys. Unlike many other cafes, there are no cat treats available for purchase, but we happened to be here during snack time, when visitors were each given a small bag of dry kibble to feed to the cats, which incited a flurry of activity.

The setup here is a single medium-size playroom, with a full-size bunk bed by the front window where cats can nap undisturbed. There are plenty of chairs for visitors, so you don't have to sit on the floor, and a big collection of manga to browse. There was a relaxing soundtrack of dub reggae in the background when we visited. Help yourself to coffee, tea and soda from the free vending machine.

As with all smaller cat cafes, weekdays - even weekday evenings - are more fun than crowded weekends. There are occasional cat-yoga sessions held here - check the website for details.

See more photos and details at Animal Cafes.com.

Nakano-ku, Honcho 4-30-26, Dai-ni Fujio Bldg 3F.
1 minute from Shin-Nakano Station (Marunouchi line)
中野区本町4-30-26 第二藤尾ビル3F
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