Angers Bureau
Marunouchi: Retail
Angers Bureau: Marunouchi
Marunouchi / Retail
Open 11am-9pm (Sun -8pm) daily.

Stationery enthusiasts will marvel at the breadth of offerings at this gorgeous little shop - everything from vintage fountain pens and artisanal ink to deluxe planners and notebooks from Japan and abroad. There are tasteful knickknacks and well-designed gadgets for the library or den, many with a retro, pre-digital aesthetic sensibility. And lots and lots of nice-looking watches.

If you're souvenir shopping for your favorite graphic designer or architect, there are plenty of fun items like original wooden stamps and washi tapes, and a nice selection of original greeting cards. Although the shelves and display tables are jam-packed with cool-looking stuff, the shop is laid out for comfortable browsing. Angers (it's pronounced the French way) is worth a visit on its own, or as part of a design-shop tour of the Kitte complex where it's located.

Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower 4F.
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