Terrazza Aoyama
Gaienmae: Notable building
Terrazza Aoyama: Gaienmae
Gaienmae / Notable building

Designed by architect Kiyoshi Takeyama of the Amorphe firm and completed in 1991, this five-story building occupies a 1,800-square-meter plot of land, and has four basement levels. There's an appealing triangular open space created by the diagonally sloping walls, said by the architect to be an attempt to provide an "air pocket" in the middle of a dense neighborhood.

The building has been through changes of name, ownership and tenants in the years since it was built. High-profile tenants have included the private City Club of Tokyo, a Brazilian restaurant and nightclub, a Jaguar dealership, an upscale fitness center and the offices of MTV Japan. One current tenant is "Dialog in the Dark," a small themed space where visitors are "led by visually-impaired guides in small groups through specially designed darkened rooms where scent, sounds, wind, temperature and textures convey the characteristics of daily environments."

Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 2-8-2.
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