Hogoken Cafe
Chiba: Animal cafe
Hogoken Cafe: Chiba
Chiba / Animal cafe
Open 11am-7pm (Sat, Sun 10am-8pm). Closed 2nd Wed.
No cover charge, but please order something from the menu
Average visit time: 10-30 minutes

Located at the entrance to the MOFF Animal World petting zoo is a branch of the Hogoken chain of rescue dog cafes. While the dogs may not be as cute and well groomed as the ones in other dog cafes, they make up for it in energy and affection. When we arrived, a dozen dogs came bounding over to greet us, some looking a bit bedraggled but all delighted to see us.

All the dogs here have been abandoned or sometimes even abused, so there may be some timid dogs here too, but for the most part they seem to be eager for attention. There are a few different areas for dogs of different sizes, and dog treats are available. You can even bring your own dog, if you have one.

Sit and relax for as long as you like, but if you've never been to a dog cafe we should warn you that there's quite a bit of barking.

See more photos and details at Animal Cafes.com.

Chiba Inzai-shi, Hara 1-2, Bighop Garden Mall D-203.
5 minutes from Inzai-Makinohara station (Hokuso line)
ç—tŒ§ˆó¼ŽsŒ´1-2 BIGHOPƒK[ƒfƒ“ƒ‚[ƒ‹D-203
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