Rock Star
Osaka Namba: Animal cafe
Rock Star: Osaka Namba
Osaka Namba / Animal cafe
Open 1-11pm. Closed Wednesdays.
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes

Rockstar is quite informal - after taking our coffee order, our waiter simply handed us a large iguana to hang out with while we waited. The cafe area is lined with wall-to-wall tanks holding all sorts of reptiles and other critters, so feel free to carry your iguana around and explore.

In addition to the tanks you'll find food and various supplies for exotic-pet owners. You can also inspect the photos of tattoo work that line the walls.

When we got our iced cafe latte we handed back our iguana, and it was replaced by a little chameleon. Snakes and tortoises are also available, and the folks at the next table were playing with a hedgehog. The latte was very good.

If you're hungry there's a full food menu - mostly light cafe items like curry and pastas, as well as cocktails and beer. If you're prone to accepting dares, there's a selection of insect-based dishes on the menu. You can also get a tattoo, but you'll need to make an appointment.

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Nipponbashi-Nishi 1-1-13.
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