Dog Tail
Osaka Dotonbori: Animal cafe
Dog Tail: Osaka Dotonbori
Osaka Dotonbori / Animal cafe
Open noon-8pm daily.
Cover charge starts at Y1000 for 50 minutes (including one drink)
Average visit time: 50 minutes

You'll feel like a star when you arrive at Dog Tail, as a whole pack of small dogs greets you noisily and accompanies you to your assigned floor cushion in the large playroom. But then, you'll be abandoned just as quickly as another guest arrives and the dogs all rush to the entrance to greet the newcomer. It's an emotional roller-coaster!

Once you've settled in with your drink though, and the resident canines have calmed down, you can pet the passing dogs and try to initiate games of fetch with the many chew toys on hand. Two dogs wearing head cones during our visit were confined to penned-in areas, and these were especially friendly to any visitors who came over to give them some attention.

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Dotonbori 2-4-6, 4F.
ږx2-4-6 Ghr4F
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