Aeon Pet Mall
Kaihin Makuhari: Shopping complex
Aeon Pet Mall: Kaihin Makuhari
Kaihin Makuhari / Shopping complex
Open 7am-11pm daily.

The massive Aeon shopping complex in Makuhari is made up of four separate malls, including one mall dedicated entirely to pets and their owners. Besides the usual dog-grooming services and pet supplies there's also a hydrotherapy facility for dogs (basically a small swimming pool), an animal hospital, a dog-training school and a pet hotel.

Up on the second level a shop called Pecos sells pet fashions and a surprising range of canine gourmet foods. You and your dog can choose from frozen dinners, several flavors of ice cream, cakes and pastries, and a full-on deli counter - all tailored to dogs' tastes and nutritional needs. They even sell (non-alcoholic) beer and wine for discerning pets.

Aqua-Stage 21 is devoted to fish lovers, while the Wanwan Alice Pet Photo Studio lets you pose your dog in various amusing settings, including inside a miniature car. And when you're done with shopping, hydrotherapy and photo sessions, you can bring your dog along for a coffee break at Doutor Dog Cafe, the mall's pet-friendly coffee shop.

Chiba-shi Mihama-ku, Toyosuna 1-1.
17 minutes on foot from Kaihin-Makuhari station
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