Museum of Tin Toys
Yokohama Motomachi: Museum
Museum of Tin Toys: Yokohama Motomachi
Yokohama Motomachi / Museum
Open 9:30am-6pm (weekends -7pm) daily.
Admission Y200
Average visit time: 15-30 minutes

In the early twentieth century Japan exported huge numbers of tin-plate toys to countries around the world, and this charming little musuem traces that history, displaying some 3,000 antique toys made between the 1890s and the 1960s. Shelf after shelf is filled with miniature antique firetrucks and streetcars, zeppelins and submarines, rockets and robots, drum-beating bears and cymbal-smashing bunnies.

Located in the front section of the museum is a retail toy shop, where you'll find a nice assortment of vintage-style modern reproductions of Showa-era toys as well as some more modern designs. A large English sheepdog named Robby is usually on hand to greet visitors.

While you're here, be sure to also check out the well-stocked Christmas-goods shop located behind the toy museum - it's open 365 days a year.

Naka-ku, Yokohama, Yamatecho 239-2.
5 minutes from Motomachi station (Minato-Mirai line)
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