Shibuya Fureai Botanical Centre
Shibuya: Park/garden
Shibuya Fureai Botanical Centre: Shibuya
Shibuya / Park/garden
Open 1-6pm. Closed Mondays.
Average visit time: 10-20 minutes

A mini-botanical garden close to Shibuya Station, the compact greenhouse here is crowded with more than 200 kinds of tropical plants as well as a few tanks full of fish and bugs. The facility runs weekly gardening classes (in Japanese) and holds regular annual events such as "Let's Play with Beetles" each August and a five-day evening firefly-watching party in June.

Upstairs is a small library with books on plants and insects, a few tables where you can sit and help yourself to free mugicha, and a miniature herb garden out on the third-floor terrace.

Shibuya-ku, Higashi 2-25-37.
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