Maach Ecute
Akihabara: Shopping complex
Maach Ecute: Akihabara
Akihabara / Shopping complex
Open 11am-9pm daily.

This repurposed former train station (Manseibashi, last used in 1943) has been beautifully transformed into a niche shopping complex, housing a handful of upscale interior and design stores, cafes, restaurants and other shops. Part of the original station platform can be seen on the second floor, and original staircases dating from 1912 and 1935 have been preserved.

Down on the first floor, a scale-model diorama gives a glimpse of what the station and surrounding area looked like a century ago. Shops are open 11am-9pm (Sundays 11am-8pm), while most restaurants are open until 11pm (Sundays -10pm).

Kanda-Sudacho 1-25-4.
4 minutes from Akihabara (JR, Hibiya, Tsukuba Express lines)
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