Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum
Nishi-Shinjuku: Museum
Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum: Nishi-Shinjuku
Nishi-Shinjuku / Museum
Open 10am-4:30pm (enter by 4pm). Closed Sundays.
Admission Y500
Average visit time: 10-30 minutes

Under the auspices of the Bunka Fashion College, this tiny, specialized museum has collected some 20,000 historical costumes and related crafts from around Japan and around the world, and holds four exhibitions a year organized around specific themes. The collection includes folk costumes, accessories and textiles from Europe, Africa and Asia, and Noh costumes and modern court costumes from Japan.

The exhibition space is relatively small, but it's worth stopping by if you're interested in fashion history and you're in the neighborhood. Check the website for exhibition dates, as they're closed for several weeks between shows.

Yoyogi 3-22-7, Shinjuku Bunka Quint Bldg.
6 minutes from Shinjuku station (JR, Odakyu, Keioh, Toei Shinjuku, Marunouchi, Oedo lines)
代々木3-22-7 新宿文化クイントビル
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