Printing Museum
Edogawabashi: Museum
Printing Museum: Edogawabashi
Edogawabashi / Museum
Open 10am-6pm (enter by 5:30pm). Closed Mondays.
Admission Y400
Average visit time: 20-40 minutes

Run by Toppan Printing Company, this medium-size museum explores "printing culture," showing off interesting examples of both printed word and image. You can admire beautifully illustrated books from the 18th and 19th centuries, and see the differences between various artistic techniques such as wood cuts, engravings, etchings, dry point and lithographs. Antique printing presses from various eras are on display, along with a full-scale recreation of an 18th-century woodblock-printing studio.

The museum's virtual-reality theater has screenings on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and hands-on printing workshops are held by appointment (inquire at 03-5840-2383). The attached P&P Gallery upstairs is devoted to the more artistic aspects of printing, and is worth checking out while you're here. English-language videos are scattered throughout the museum, and English-language signage is generally provided.

Bunkyo-ku, Suido 1-3-3.
8 minutes from Edogawabashi station (Yurakucho line); 10 minutes from Koraku station (Marunouchi, Namboku lines); 13 minutes from Iidabashi station (JR, Tozai, Oedo lines)
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