NHK Studio Park
Shibuya: Attraction
NHK Studio Park: Shibuya
Shibuya / Attraction
Open 10am-6pm (enter by 5:30pm). Closed 3rd Monday.
Admission Y200
Average visit time: 5-15 minutes

Looking like it was cobbled together by a government-run committee, this bland, sprawling "broadcasting theme park," which opened in October 2011, is probably not at the top of anyone's list of Tokyo's must-see attractions. The museum experience starts with an already dated-looking interactive video wall showing news snippets from the past fifty years, followed by room after room of uninsprired, generic exhibits ostensibly related to NHK's most popular programs.

One highlight is the observation windows overlooking three actual TV production studios - if you time it right you might get a glimpse of a drama being filmed. The Children's Sphere could also be of interest to kids who grew up watching NHK children's programming. Other than that though, there's simply nothing exciting enough here to make it worth a special trip.

Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 2-2-1.
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