Daikanyama: Bookstore
Tsutaya: Daikanyama
Daikanyama / Bookstore
Open 7am-2am daily.

Run by the video-rental chain Tsutaya, this very large, impressively well-stocked book and music store serves as the anchor for the upscale Daikanyama T-Site shopping complex. The centerpiece of the shop is a luxuriously appointed lounge-bar area on the second floor where patrons can browse through books and magazines or just relax; the bar is open until 2am.

The individually curated specialty departments are where the bookstore really shines - you can explore the worlds of art, design and fashion, browse through hundreds of cookbooks, and even book an overseas holiday in the travel department. The second-floor jazz and other music sections have numerous listening stations and helpful staff on hand, and the movie department is similarly well-stocked.

The stationery zone is worth seeing just for its display walls of pens - some 400 different pens are on display and for sale. Despite the analog nature of the book departments, high-tech features abound. There are self-check-out stations, and patrons can use tablet computers to check inventory and find books, magazines and other media, which are all locatable via embedded RFID tags.

Shibuya-ku, Sarugakucho 17-5.
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