Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
Shinanomachi: Art gallery
Artcomplex Center of Tokyo: Shinanomachi
Shinanomachi / Art gallery
Open 11am-8pm. Closed Mondays.
Free admission
Average visit time: 15-30 minutes

Founded in 2007, this community-oriented art complex comprises six gallery spaces, including a very large basement area. Not all the galleries are open all the time, and not all the exhibitions are equally polished, but there's usually something going on on any given day. The center also holds workshops and programs to support the local art community.

Daikyocho 12-9.
7 min. from Shinanomachi (JR); 7 min. from Yotsuya 3-chome (Marunouchi line); 8 min. from Kokuritsu Kyogijo (Oedo line)
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