Kiya Knife Shop
Nihonbashi: Knife shop
Kiya Knife Shop: Nihonbashi
Nihonbashi / Knife shop
Open 10am-8pm daily.

Established in 1792 and still going strong, Kiya sells an amazing variety of kitchen knives, including ones crafted specifically for cutting fugu, salmon, soba noodles and vegetables. They carry seven different styles of eel knife alone. They also sell scissors, clippers, gardening tools, and various whetstones.

At the back of the shop you'll find some top-quality kitchenware - beautifully crafted copper pots, frying pans and woks, bamboo steaming baskets and wooden rice tubs, graters, strainers and slotted spoons, and lots more. Kiya's main branch is located in the upscale Coredo-Muromachi shopping and restaurant complex, with more convenient hours than similar shops around town.

Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-2-1, Coredo-Muromachi 1F.
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