Kappabashi Market
Asakusa: Retail
Kappabashi Market: Asakusa
Asakusa / Retail
most shops 10am-6pm; some closed Sundays.
Average visit time: 30-90 minutes

Tsukiji fish market may be the first destination for foodies visiting Tokyo, and a department store basement food floor is also an essential stop, but one often-neglected attraction is the restaurant-supply district of Kappabashi. Famous for its plastic food models, Kappabashi offers much more - it's the place where chefs and restaurateurs go when they set up shop, and a playground for anyone who likes to cook.

Kappabashi is easy to navigate - the majority of the stores are lined up along the main street. Some shops cater exclusively to restaurant professionals, selling bar stools, restaurant uniforms and industrial-sized equipment. Then there are those selling kitchen gadgets - from intricate vegetable cutters to wooden molds for Japanese sweets.

And of course there's a huge selection of realistic food models such as sushi, yakitori, and bowls of ramen. If something is found in the kitchen or dining room, there's likely to be a shop in Kappabashi that sells it.

by Yukari Pratt

Taito-ku, Matsugaya 2-chome.
Tawaramachi (Ginza line); walk west along Asakusa-dori about 5 minutes until you see the giant chef's head on top of a building; turn right and you're on Kappabashi's main shopping street
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