Tokyo Dome Bowling Center
Suidobashi: Bowling alley
Tokyo Dome Bowling Center: Suidobashi
Suidobashi / Bowling alley
Open 10am-10:30pm daily.
Regular lanes - Y570-620 per game; Y350 for shoe rental. Cubar Lounge - Y740-800 per game; Y400 for shoe rental. The Cubar Lounge is open from 4pm on weekdays, 10am Saturdays and 9am Sundays.

The Cubar Lounge on the fourth floor of Tokyo Dome's bowling facility is a dimly lit and somewhat more relaxed setting than your usual bowling alley, with a full-service bar, comfortable sofas and original artwork by artist Taro Okamoto on the wall. Drinks include beer, wine, cocktails, several types of whiskey, tequila shots and soft drinks, while the food menu features salami and cheese platters, pizzas, fried chicken, and bagel sandwiches.

If Cubar isn't your scene (or if they're full or closed), there's also a regular, more brightly lit, and slightly less expensive alley directly above here on the fifth floor, for a total of 54 lanes altogether. Rental shoes are available up to size 32.

The Cubar Lounge is open from 4-10:30pm on Fridays, 10am-10:30pm Saturdays and 9am-10:30pm Sundays, while the regular lanes are open seven days a week.

Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 1-3-61, Yellow Building 4/5F.
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