Hama-Rikyu Gardens
Tsukiji: Park/garden
Hama-Rikyu Gardens: Tsukiji
Tsukiji / Park/garden
Open 9am-5pm (enter by 4:30) daily.
Admission: Y300
Average visit time: 30-90 minutes

Sitting on the Tokyo Bay waterfront in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Shiodome, this massive garden was once part of a shogun's villa, with two ponds that were used for wild-duck hunting. It contains the only tidal pond in Tokyo, with a lock that controls seawater entering from Tokyo Bay.

In the middle of the tidal pond is an island with a restored teahouse; other highlights are a grove of plum trees, a 300-year-old pine tree, and two huge flower gardens. The peony garden has 800 plants and 60 different varieties of peonies.

Hama-Rikyu can be reached by boat from Asakusa, or by foot from Shiodome, Tsukiji-Shijo or Shimbashi stations.

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Hamarikyu Teien 1-1.
Tsukiji Shijo (Oedo line)
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