Tokyo Sea Life Park
Kasai Rinkai Koen: Aquarium
Tokyo Sea Life Park: Kasai Rinkai Koen
Kasai Rinkai Koen / Aquarium
Open 9:30am-5pm (enter by 4pm). Closed Wednesdays.
Admission: Y700
Average visit time: 30-90 minutes

This beautifully designed aquarium recreates more than a dozen marine environments from around the world, including the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans as well more local spots like Tokyo Bay and Japanese rivers. Sea bird afficianados can enjoy observing puffins, auks and penguins, while seaweed fans will appreciate the Kelp Forest environment, featuring giant kelp from California.

One of the main attractions is a giant (2,200-ton) doughnut-shaped pool where a school of tuna swims round and round. There's also a small hands-on section where visitors can pick up starfish and other sturdy specimens. The aquarium gift shop offers a surprisingly large selection of tuna plush toys in addition to usual dolphins and penguins.

Edogawa-ku, Rinkaicho 6-2-3.
Kasai Rinkai Koen station (JR Keiyo line)
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