Tokyo Riding Club
Sangubashi: Sports facility
Tokyo Riding Club: Sangubashi
Sangubashi / Sports facility
Visitor prices start at around Y8000.

If you're bored with the ski machine and the stairmaster at your gym, why not limber up with a little horseback riding? Tokyo Riding Club has everything you need - horses, saddles, stirrups - and it's conveniently located inside Yoyogi Park, so you can trot back to the office after a quick lunchtime ride.

During a recent afternoon visit we found four or five beginner-level riders out on the track, with an friendly instructor offering riding tips. The club offers various lesson and riding packages for members and visitors - for example you can book three half-hour lessons during a one-month period for Y19,500. If you just want to ride, non-member prices start around Y8,000 for 45 minutes, plus a bit extra if you rent boots and helmet or take out insurance. There are 19 horses to choose from, ranging in temperament and speed.

Next to the track and the stable is a lounge area where you can relax after your ride with a cup of coffee while you peruse the collection of horse-oriented books and videos. If you like to dress up, you can order custom riding pants, chaps and other gear here, although you're allowed to ride in jeans if you're so inclined. And in case you decide you want to keep a pet horse, but you don't have enough room in your 2LDK mansion, the club offers the most comfortable stable facilities in central Shinjuku; 30 horses are currently in residence.

[Farther out of town but with a bigger riding course is the Hachioji Riding Club, located near Hachioji station: 0426-91-1915. Most other metro-area clubs are in Kanagawa or Chiba.]

Yoyogi Kamisonocho 4-8.
The club entrance is near the northwest corner of the park, near Sangubashi station but also accessible from Nishi-Shinjuku.
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