Mitsui Outlet Park
Yokohama Bayside Marina: Shopping complex
Mitsui Outlet Park: Yokohama Bayside Marina
Yokohama Bayside Marina / Shopping complex
Open 10am-9pm daily.

This massive outlet mall reopened in Spring 2020 after expansion and remodeling, and it now houses more than 150 outlet shops and restaurants. Sportswear and fashion brands like Armani, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Eddie Bauer, Puma, New Balance, Gap and United Arrows sit alongside kitchen and housewares shops from Zwilling, Riedel, Le Creuset, Kyocera Kitchen and many more. Most of the major-brand retail shops here offer 30-70% discounts off regular prices.

In addition to individual restaurants, the mall has a large food court where you can look out over the boats moored in the Bayside Marina while you eat. Dining options include deli-style dishes at "vegetable cafe" Mr. Farmer, Hawaiian plates at Merengue, paellas at Miguel y Juani, and fresh melon-filled crepes at Melon Crepe. There are also numerous coffee shops scattered throughout the complex.

While you're here be sure to check out Uniqlo Park, the new three-story Uniqlo mega-store with its own built-in playground. Designed by architect Sou Fujimoto, the rather striking snow-white building features rock-climbing walls and slides on its sloping facade and a trampoline-equipped jungle gym on the roof. Somewhat tamer play areas are available for younger children.

Uniqlo Park's play areas were designed in collaboration with Tokyo-based toy retailer BorneLund. There's also a rooftop garden planted with olive trees that offers a nice view of Negishi Bay and Tokyo Bay beyond. Inside the building you can order DIY custom-designed T-shirts, shop for shoes at the GU Shoes Lab, and find merchandise exclusive to this location.

Retail store hours, including those for Uniqlo Park, are 10am-8pm. Restaurants are open 11am-9pm and the food court is open 10:30am-9pm.

Yokohama Kanazawa-ku, Shiraho 5-2.
10 minutes from Torihama (Seaside Line)
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