Costco Iruma
Saitama-ken: Retail
Costco Iruma: Saitama-ken
Saitama-ken / Retail
Open 10am-8pm daily.

The American-based big box store is set up warehouse-style, with towering stacks of consumer goods stretching off to the horizon. You'll find everything from frozen pizzas and disposable contact lenses to gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

Exercise bikes, down comforters and plastic trees are half the price you'd find in Tokyo department stores. Imported appliances - from America, Europe and Korea - are especially well represented, with good deals on freezer chests, washing machines (with both hot and cold water intakes), and coffeemakers (an 8-cup machine from Philips for under Y4000).

Individual membership is Y4200 per year, covering an entire household. This branch is located fifteen minutes by bus from Iruma station, next to a huge Mitsui Outlet Mall.

Iruma City, Saitama, Miyadera 3169-2.
Irumashi station (Seibu Ikebukuro line), then take bus 02 (15 min.)
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