Big Boy
Jimbocho: Jazz cafe
Big Boy: Jimbocho
Jimbocho / Jazz cafe
Open 1-5, 7-10:30pm. Closed Sun, Mon, 2nd, 4th Sat.

With its bright yellow door and sunny, brasserie-like interior, Big Boy has an atmosphere that's the complete opposite of old-fashioned jazz kissas. The management plays jazz both new and old, and the sound system is optimized for piano music, so it's a special treat listening to music from piano trios here.

At lunchtime this is a popular spot for people working in the neighborhood to drop by for sandwiches and coffee (Y1100 including drink). Many jazz fans gather here during the day to trade jazz CDs and DVDs. When the clock turns to "bar time" (after 7pm) there's a Y1000 cover charge, and you can nibble on light snacks such as sausages and baked potatoes with blue cheese.

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by Hikaru Okabe
Kanda Jimbocho 1-11.
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